Retail Starter Packs (RSP)


If you want a quick and easy way to start selling Zamsoe jewellery then our Retail Starter Packs provide the perfect way to get going.  The Retail Starter packs are based on our best selling themes and collections. 

Each pack can follow one of the following themes or collections;

  • Our Coastal Collection
  • Our Sewing Collection
  • Our Baking Collection
  • Our Gardening Collection
  • A mixed selection of our best sellers (chosen by Zamsoe)
  • A selection of your own choice (just pop a note or email with the order)

Included in each Starter Pack is;

  • 5 kilt pin brooches
  • 5 swirl pin brooches
  • 4 bracelets
  • 4 charm necklaces
  • 4 earrings in a bottle
  • a white wooden nine hole display cabinet (see the photo above)

It is available for any retail partner for a once only purchase.